UV Photosensitive Printing 3D Pen

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UV Ink for 3D Pen, Filler for 3D Modeling and Education Printing Pen (OM3DIKT1-6)

  • Each UV ink cartridge contains 15ml UV ink, you may draw about 50 feet at 1mm diameter
  • Package contains 6 colors UV ink: White/Purple/Yellow/Red/Green/Blue
  • Advantage: Rich ruby color, gloss, high saturation, strong somatosensory, excellent color performance. Fast curing low consumption, not blocking, greatly lower the cost. UV LED inks for wide format, printers offer extreme versatility for a wide range of indoor and outdoor application possibilities
  • Using: Can straightly be used on wood, KT board, glass, porcelain, metal, and other plane or bend material. Printing on the hard media. Note: Sealed and stored this ink in a dark, cool place, away from direct sunlight or sources of ignition
  • Expiry date: 12 months, please use out within 2 months after unpacking

Impress Life UV ink is used for our 3D printing pen, using imported raw materials operations as a carrier for the secondary
synthesis, performance excellence, to ensure that work in different material of solid degree and higher tinctorial yield.
The UV ink is suitable for print, crafts and so on. The photosensitive ink will get solidified quickly after LED curing for secs,
so you can draw in the air directly and finish your artwork more quickly.
It featured with high flexibility and scalability, make your drawing more smooth and no nozzle jammed.
No mess, nontoxic, you can touch it with hands, safe for child and pet.


1. This UV ink can be print on hard media.
2. The LED-UV Ink can be used to print on the media directly. But for printing on coated porcelain and glass (Smooth Surface),
it should be use along the pre-treatment liquid.
3. Please note that ink properties may vary slightly with environmental change. (such as weather resistance and adhesion)
4. Please sealed and stored this ink in a dark, cool place, away from direct sunlight or sources of ignition.
5. Please use out within 2 months after unpacking.
3D Pen, Battery Powered Cordless Photo-curing Printing Pen, UV Photosensitive Doodler Pen with Replaceable Ink for Doodling,Art & Craft Making,3D Modeling and Education (OM3PT3BL)

  • EXCLUSIVE REAL 3D PRINTING PEN COULD DRAW IN THE AIR: with our anti-sticky nozzle and fast solidify material UV Photosensitive cured ink, it is a 3D pen that actually enable you to draw in the three-dimensional world rather than on flat surface.
  • CORDLESS 3D PEN WITH BUILT-IN BATTERY: USB powered allow you to bring the 3D drawing pen anywhere anytime! Build-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 120 mins working time.
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: 0 ℃ temperature Pen nozzle , No heat is generated from the pen itself,only super low heat from the UV light,harmless to people. To protect your eyes well, the UV light will turn off automatically when the pen placed horizontally.
  • REPLACEABLE PHOTOSENSITIVE RESIN INK: Get rid of messy wire filaments supplies,much easier to operate ,more smooth drawing. The material is very strong and naturally extracted from plants so it’s safe to touch. Non-toxic, No Mess,No Jammed.
  • FUNNY 3D WORLD AND BEST Christmas gift: Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. It's well packaged and can be a unique gift for kids over 6 years old and anyone who is interested in 3D modeling and drawing.

What’s the biggest advantage of Impress Life UV light cured 3D printing pen? 
The first 3D pen that could really drawing in the air! 
With our 3D doodler Pen, you can directly draw in the 3- dimensional world rather than drawing on flat surface then put them together and pretend it is a 3-dimensional artwork. 

Motivate Children’s imagination and creatively
A Perfect 3D Pen to let Children fire their imagination. With this item, your children could bring an image from their mind to the real world. To nurture the little ones’ creative, free-thinking sides, our 3D drawing kit could be your best assistant. 

How to use: 

Before operation: please ensure that the silicon cap is snipped off the the groove for the first operation; Also please check the nozzle before every operation, if any remaining ink exists, remove it. 

1. Install ink cartridge: Put new ink cartridge into the pen
2. Power on: short press to adjust the speed inputting, there are 5 speed level adjustable, default medium speed, low level speed suggested for beginner
3. Light and Ink Key: Press them to create your 3D world
4. Molding key: this key help you to solid your artwork more quickly
More details, please read user manual carefully. 

1. Designed for users over 6 years old, children should use under parents’ supervision. 
2. Don’t look directly at the LED light in the front of the pen. 
3. Don’t put ink and any creations into mouth. 
Any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to contact us, we will assist you at our earliest time. 

Package include
1*3d pen
2* Ink Cartridge
1*USB charging cable
1*User manual
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